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Quilt Jacket – FJ54

Product code: FJ54

Classic collar
Chest pocket

Texstar Quilt jacket - The classic that never gets old. Exclusive, well-cut with the tradional corduroy collar. Still one of the favourites.


Product sheet


100% Polyester

Svart 9900

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All garments from Texstar are thoroughly tested and easy to manage. Follow our washing instructions and your clothes will keep longer and you save the environment.

  • Always sort your clothes, temperature, and color. Clothes that are labeled “Wash with similar colors” may contain excess dye and may stain other clothing. After a few washes, the problem is gone.
  • Colored clothing should be washed in the maximum temperature shown for the garment.
  • To protect the zippers, close them before washing.
  • Pre-wash is rarely needed. Treat stubborn stains with stain remover before washing.
  • All colored clothing must be washed with colored detergent to preserve the original color.
  • Measure the detergent according to the manufacturer’s instructions and water hardness. Your municipality can usually provide information about the water.
  • Do not use detergent with bleach-type sodium hypochlorite, perborate or perkabonat.
  • Also make sure that the detergent is suitable for the recommended temperature
  • Fabric softeners should be avoided.
  • Most clothes are best hung dry. Make sure they are shaken out and stretched before. It is especially important for knitted materials.
  • In the event tumble dryers are used ensure that the garment does not become completely dry. This reduces the risk of shrinkage or unnecessary wear.

We have many sizes to choose from. In order to get right, it is good to check your measurements. It’s simple. In the case of sweaters and jackets, look at the size of the garment you already have and that fits well. Then compare this to our tables.

To measure the size of your trousers:

1st Measure your waist
Think of what type and fit of trousers you like to or normally wear, then measure with a tape measure around your waist where your trousers usually sit. If you normally wear you trousers low measure there, if you wear them high measure there. Now to your body measurement.

2nd Measure the length
When you measure the length, you should always measure the inside seam of the leg. The easiest way you can measure is to measure from the inside crotch seam down to the bottom of the pant leg.

If you normally wear jeans, look at the jean size. There are two different dimensions measured in inches. For example be 30/32. The first measure is the waist size. The other is Jean’s length.

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